Post-Boxes, Planters & Bollards

RS Ornate Steel offers a range of Wrought Iron, Steel & Brass post-boxes, planters & bollards for customers across Ireland

Post-Boxes, Planters & Bollards

As a team of metal fabrication specialists, RS Ornate Steel provides a wide selection of post-boxes, planters, and bollards in a range of metals including wrought iron, steel, and brass fabrications.
With years of experience in the metal fabrications industry, RS Ornate Steel works in a collaborative manner with clients to ensure we create the perfect product for your individual requirements. From large commercial bollards to decorative, iron post-boxes, we offer an extensive range of metal fabrication products for all applications.
If you require a custom iron post box, custom planter, or custom bollard created and installed in your property, feel free to get in touch with our team today, we’re always happy to help.

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Post-Boxes, Planters & Bollards FAQ

  • I’m looking for a custom planter for my garden- can you help?

    Yes. RS Ornate Steel provides custom planters made to your exact design specifications and requirements.

  • Do you sell pre-made metal home accessories?

    Yes. We sell pre-made post-boxes, pillars, and bollards but also offer custom-made wrought iron and metal products suitable for home and garden use.

  • How much does a post box cost to order?

    The price of our metal post boxes vary depending on the size of box required and whether you need a pre-made or custom post box. Get in touch with our team for a free quote today.