Hinged Gates

RS Ornate Steel designs, manufactures & installs a range of Hinged Gates suitable for a range of properties

Hinged Gates

Not only are hinged gates a fantastic addition to the security system of any property, but they also look fantastic and bring the overall aesthetic of a property together.
Here at RS Ornate Steel, we provide a range of pre-made and bespoke hinged gates suitable for all kinds of property.
As a team of experience wrought iron fabricators, we can make any gate to order, installing intricate designs and features to ensure that your gate suits your exact specifications.
Choose from a range of modern gates, traditional gates, painted gates, and natural finish gates to keep your property secure and beautiful for years to come.

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Hinged Gates FAQ

  • Can hinged gates be made automatic?

    Yes, hinged gates can be tailored to be automatic. Get in touch with RS Ornate Steel for more on our full range of automatic hinged gates for all properties.

  • What kind of hinged gates do you sell?

    We sell a large variety of hinged gates in a range of metal fabrications. Our metal gates are available in a range of styles ranging from modern gates to reproduction gates, old-style gates, and more.

  • Do you install hinged gates?

    Yes, we offer full gate installation services for all gates that we design and manufacture.